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Club Members Competition Sunday 2nd May 2021

Club Members only competition at Thrunton.

Sunday 2nd May 2021 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

(Summary of the poster displayed on the village notice board)

Free catch & release or *keep 4 fish, £7 payable at the venue.

A valid Rod Licence is required.

Please add your name to the list in Foreman’s allowing time for the Club Secretary to submit numbers attending and indicate if catch or release. (The list will be collected early Thursday 29th April)

Barbless hooks and 2 flies max.

Results will be posted in Foreman’s and on this site.

Fish should be measured and returned in centimetres (unless)*

New for 2021 – Brown trout (all to be returned) over 20 cm can also be recorded.

In addition due to Covid please observe the following.

1) There will be no weigh in at Thrunton.

2) Social distancing of at least 2 metres to be strictly observed.

3) No sharing of cars.

4) Email total length in cm’s and number of fish caught to the address displayed on the village notice board.


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