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De-Clermont Cup Results 16/6/23

Only 4 anglers were able to attend this competition. The weather was hot and sunny around 22 degrees at the start. Earlier in the week the river level was reading 0 feet and 0 inches but on the night had risen by one inch. Because of no rain in the west it has been suggested water had been released from reservoir dams upstream. As a result the river was murky with copious amounts of floating weed. River biologist Jonathon Archer from the Tweed Commission has been notified. It was a challenging evening with the majority of fish being caught towards the end of the evening. As always please submit any catch photos.

Murky water.

Example of numerous floating weed.

Jim Cameron on the right in a magnificent sunset just after 10pm, shortly before landing a 35cm Brownie.

One of the images submitted to the Tweed database.

4th John Adams - 1xBR-21cms - 27 points


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