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Holywell Challenge Cup Results 8/4/23

With the commencement of the new season, I like many others was monitoring the river levels on fishpal in anticipation prior to the first competition. Unfortunately due to the recent inclement weather in the west the river remained stubbornly high at just below 3ft during the week. A decision was made the night before to postpone by one week and notifications were sent out via the new what’s app group. The village posters and web were also updated. The river was 2ft 7inches on the 1st at 09.30am.

On Saturday 8th April the river level was running clear and steady at 1ft 7, just about in double digit temperatures on a sunny but breezy day at times. 6 people attended and with the amount of fish caught is hopefully indicative of the health of the river in general. Mark Straughen won with a splendid score of 19 Browns for 450cms. Jim Cameron was 2nd with 4 Browns for 109cms and John Adams was 3rd with 1 Brown and a Grayling for 43cms

4th - Ronnie Hek - 1xB,1xG - 40cms - 27 points.

Anglers are encouraged to upload any photos of their catches to the Tweed logbook. (cut paste link below or scan the QR code)

Below is the 2023 leader board and the details of competition 2/10 on the 30th April at Thrunton will follow shortly.


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