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Oliver Purvis Cup Sunday 15th August 2021

9.00am - 5.00pm

All varieties trout over 20cm can be recorded.

Scorecards to be presented 5.15pm at the venue lodge.

Please add your name to the list in Foremans

Pay the fishery direct.

C/R - £15

Keep 2 fish £20 or Keep 3 fish £25

See below link for full details and rules of the venue.

This competition, number 9 sees the first of 2 'Jokers' that can be used.

Although positions 2&3 on the leader board have yet to be decided it does appear (Subject to The Club Secretary Verification) that congratulations go to Jim Yeomans for securing his second consecutive club victory.

Also advanced congratulations to Mark who is getting married soon so will be unlikely attending this competition.

Good luck to Ed, Jim Cameron and Ronnie who will be deciding 2nd & 3rd place in the final two competitions.

Tight lines!


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