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The Gordon Wharton Memorial Trophy results 30/4/23

This was held at Thrunton Water and 8 members attended. There was light rain on and off throughout the day in temperatures around 12 degrees. There was an abundance of fish rising in gin clear water which proved tricky to catch at times. The red listed Cuckoos could be heard in the distance. An Environmental Rod licence spot check was carried out again this year during the competition for all anglers at the venue. Although it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure they have a valid fishing licence a reminder was sent out the night before via the WhatsApp group. Jim Yeomans came first with a commanding catch of 18 Rainbows for 783cms, John Foreman was 2nd and Jim Cameron was 3rd. A notable mention goes to Steve Fulcher who was the only angler to catch 3 different varieties of trout.

4th John Adams - Rx4-174cms - 27points

5th Steve Fulcher - Rx2,1BR,1BL 173cms - 26points

6th David Blythe - Rx2-94cms - 25points

7th Chris Foreman - Rx2-88cms - 24points


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