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A Travelling Suitcase

President, Margaret Jeffrey heard about this idea and sent our suitcase on it's travels.

This is how it works: fill a case with a variety of things including a journal. As the case travels each recipient takes something from the case. For every item they take they replace it with something else. So what's in it? Currently there is a knitting magazine, box of biscuits, a scarf, a hat, sweets, a book, toiletries, a piece of knitting and a piece of crochet and others. When it is received you cannot open it for 3 days to ensure everything has been quarantined to be clear of THE VIRUS! It's amazing how excited you can get to receive the case and the anticipation waiting to open it is incredible, honestly I could barely wait. I addition you are asked to make an entry in the journal, knit and crochet a few rows if you can, add a photo of a place you have been or would like to go to the envelope and add a copy of your favourite recipe to the recipe file. The photo's will be a future WI members competition, remaining items will go into a raffle or raffles.

When you've finished you ask Margaret who to pass it to. It's surprising how much this simple thing can be a joy to receive and a pleasure to open. Last but not least you need to make sure Wally is in his box and travelling on with the case.

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Sounds like a great idea.

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