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Calling all Norham Businesses!


Norham life has a directory of all the businesses within the community. See link

A request can be made to be added here.


Norham businesses have been serving our community for numerous years and as Covid restrictions are gradually lifted there is a particular emphasis on ‘Shop Local’.

This blog is an invitation to all Norham based businesses whether a shop, sole trader, tradesman, pub or new venture etc, to request a free of charge personalised blog to promote your services and/or products that you can offer the community.

You will be the offered the opportunity for a personalized socially distanced interview and photos or submit your company bio online. You can also pre-approve your blog before publication if preferred.

Blogs will be published on a first come served basis and if there is a high take up, please be patient as this site is maintained by volunteers and they will uploaded as soon as possible.

Under the 'Chose an option' select 'Website feature request'


The information published will be intended to be impartial and not necessarily as a recommendation. As this is a small community Members of the NDT (Norham Development Trust) who oversee this site may, or may not be associated with some of the businesses.

Awareness of this site continues to grow and please feel to share this blog with someone who may benefit from it.


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