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Church Worship during coronavirus

I have been greatly impressed by the extent to which the people in and around Norham have supported each other during the coronavirus outbreak, and I am pleased that the church and church members have been able to play their part.

All church buildings in the Church of England are closed. Our worship of God and our care for each other continue, but cannot be done in the parish church. Some of us have continued to worship together spiritually, in real time, while being apart physically, in our own homes. At 10.00am on Easter Day, some of us will worship together, via Zoom, in an interactive, on-line service. If you would like to join with others in worshipping together, please contact me on (01289) 382325 or at

The past few weeks have been a testing time, which has brought out the best in many people.It has, so far, more-or-less coincided with the season of Lent, when the Church remembers the temptation in the wilderness, or the testing of Jesus, who continued to trust in God’s goodness.I am writing this in Holy Week, when we follow the story of the arrest, trial and execution – otherwise known as the passion – of Jesus.The social effects of the coronavirus lockdown are echoed in that story, in the way in which Jesus, who had been proactive and purposeful, became passive and vulnerable.God, in Jesus, became powerless, waiting for events to unfold.In the difficult days ahead, may we continue to trust in God’s goodness, and reflect that goodness in our daily lives.

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