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Dust down your sketch books!

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

We begin life with an innate ability to create but, sadly, as we grow up, society frequently imposes the notion of ‘correct representation’ and the idea that drawings are somehow ‘wrong’. Exposed repeatedly to criticism we gradually lose the ability to freely express ourselves. At a time when we have so little control over our lives, it could be helpful to re-discover ways to express our feelings about life and events.

Sketchbook Revival is a free on-line course designed to help people re-discover their creativity in a fun way, by keeping daily diaries, making 'blob' pictures, playing with water colour etc. It is suitable for almost all ages and levels of ability, so why not get the whole family involved!

Just follow the link and have fun!

You might also be interested in the following website

This is Slaley and Hexham's Arts and Crafts Group. They have posted a range of activities and competitions on line and are inviting people who live outside of the immediate area to get involved. You could design a wine label for example, or paint a miniature painting. Take a look at the site. There are already some lovely miniature paintings there to inspire you!

Further inspiration may be found at

Gill is an award-winning life-long artist who currently works out of her studio in the Eastern Scottish Borders. In addition to producing her own beautiful artwork, Gill has more than 30 years experience as an Art Educator and regularly delivers work-shops for Berwick Educational Association amongst others.

Gill is putting together some on-line workshops which you can access for a donation. I can highly recommend Gill's teaching as she is skilful, enthusiastic, warm and encouraging! For more information, check out her website.

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