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Good News!

Norham Parish is going to get a curate!

A curate is a kind of trainee vicar, whose job is primarily ‘to learn, not to work’. But curates learn by working, so having a curate in the church will increase the ordained and lay ministry available to the parish.

Our curate will be ordained priest at a special service in Norham Church at 6.00pm on Sunday 11th October. The local ‘lockdown’ in the NE of England does not apply to services of worship, but the Church takes its responsibilities seriously, and coronavirus security measures will apply to the Ordination Service, as to all the services in Norham Church.

The numbers attending the Ordination Service will necessarily be limited to invitation only, but our new curate will make a proper public appearance during the main church service at 10.00am on Sunday 18th October.

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1 comentário

02 de out. de 2020

Great to have a new curate in the Parish. It will be a bonus the the community and most welcome.

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