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Into the Woods!

A weekend to savour is coming up in Norham…


Norham Arts is hosting its fourth summer exhibition of contemporary art (with works for sale)-on the theme of Into The Woods - which opens on 21st June, and will feature works from local artists from across the Borders, some well-known and others less so, professional and otherwise, and some sculptures by Charlie Poulsen , Michelle de Bruin, and Luke Bachelor, and some real trees provided by a very generous local woodland expert. There will also be an exhibition of children’s art by pupils from Norham First School, and Longridge Towers School, in the beautiful setting of the church in Norham.

We are also hugely privileged to be hosting a very special piece of artwork which is close to our hearts.  

Many of you may be aware of the work that Hugo Burge was doing at Marchmont House, creating an Arts and Crafts movement for the 21st century, with the intention of balancing out the increased digitisation of the age. He was seeking out, and became a sponsor, in the widest meaning, to many creative artists and crafts people until his untimely death in 2023 – that work is now being carried on by the Hugo Burge Foundation.

After his death Pauline Burbridge created her textile landscape ‘In Honour of Hugo’ – a beautiful quilt, collaged stitched drawn and printed – using leaves collected form the Marchmont estate. And we will have that work on display as part of our exhibition.

And on the Sunday afternoon 23 June, we are holding our own small woodland arts and craft festival – with some demonstrations and stalls, children’s activities, a plant stall (raising funds for Norham in Bloom), and art workshop, in association with Connecting Threads, led by Rachel Sutherland



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