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Broadband speed is always a hot topic for small villages in rural locations, and we all want it to go faster!!

Faster speeds mean we can do...

  • More things at the same time on more devices,

  • Watch/stream our favorite TV programs,

  • Communicate with family and friends via Facebook, Zoom and other messaging services,

  • Work from home with reliable connection speeds,

  • Provide a better educational experience for Norham First School

Broadband speed is also a top factoring decision-maker when people look to buy houses and move to areas.

Norham currently has Broadband speeds up to 70Mbps but we can go faster, we could go over 100Mbps which may not look like a big increase but will make a HUGE difference to your everyday digital life. Providing world-class, future-proof, and reliable internet connection to keep pace with new advances in technology, and the jobs and growth that comes with it, in the decades to come.

'All you have to do is fill out the online form to register'

Northumberland was chosen to take part in a new government scheme called the 'Broadband Upgrade Fund'. The aim of the fund is to ensure the hardest-to-reach areas are not left behind and can access improved broadband services as part of the national Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme.

The first part of the scheme is to capture interest from households and businesses via online registration, this will encourage suppliers to extend their broadband networks to meet demand and the government will help to fund the cost of the work.

The more people who register the more Norham will have the opportunity to be upgraded to gigabit Broadband speeds, its FREE and will only take you a few minutes to complete the form using the link below:

Registration closes on September 30th so let us all get registering.

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