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Norham Castle

You may have noticed some activity at the castle as English Heritage start a programme of much needed repair work.

There is quite a list of jobs to do but the leaning fence has been replaced and the wicker gate has a new framework in place whilst waiting for specially made new wicker work. And today the cobbles have been pressure washed to reduce the slipperiness across the surface and the spiral staircase has been cleaned in the same way for the same reasons.

Marmion Gate and the immediate surrounding area is neither safe nor sound. The ramp has been removed - rotten through - and a replacement means of access is being devised; the gates will have to be replaced; and the bridge and railings are currently awaiting the workmen. To that end access to the the castle through Marmion Gate is now not possible and the gate will remain locked until the bridge repairs have been completed - we hope over the winter. Please go on up the hill to the small gate and walk around or go in and out through the car park gates when open - every Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 4pm. Please don't climb around Marmion Gate, however tempting it is, as that will weaken the wooden structures even more and the risks of falling into the moat are significant. Also on the list are the wire fence along the side of the road, the car park gate and planing of the Sheep gate.

It is really heartening to have English Heritage taking an interest and being so supportive. If you have any comments, queries or have noticed anything else that might have been missed off the list, please contact us via email so that we can share all your views with English Heritage - ”".

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