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Norham Knightcrows!

Updated: Sep 9, 2021



If you want your knight-crow to be included in the judging please have it up by 4pm on Friday 10th September!


Momentum is gathering for the forthcoming 900th Birthday celebrations of Norham Castle. You may have already received leaflets in the post advertising the birthday itself plus a request for villagers to build and display castle themed 'Crows' around the village.

Aim to have yours displayed by Monday 30th August and judging will take place on the 11th September by the Duke of Northumberland!

Below are a few images from a previous 'Crow' competition that were on display in the village.

Feel free to share your images on the Craic.

Please note the mobile phone number on the poster delivered to houses was incorrect, but the one on this site is correct!

Also check out the new Castle Celebrations webpage for further information on this and other events!


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