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Only a hop, skip and jump away..

Is there anything more joyful than the sound of children playing on the village green? The happiness on their faces and the look of laughter show how much our children enjoy

Proposed image of what the Norham village green play park may look like.
Example plan of a new play park

being able to play together and engage socially in the village.

Life should be a balance and modern living often lure children away from play towards screen time and ultimately solitude. Leaving children lacking in social, emotional and creative thinking.

To encourage outdoor play and provide a fresh air alternative a new updated play park has been approved by the Parish Council.

The park will offer a number of new play equipment to suit ages from 2 through to 14years old including 3 inclusive access. The expansion of the current play park will give children a broader range of activities and allow more children to interact together.

Help the children of the future thrive!

Early development years in children is one of the most important times to encourage and develop a range of skills for later life. Providing a range of new play equipment will focus on giving children an unstructured play area to promote:

Emotional development through building self esteem, allowing a child to experience a range of emotions normally not available to them in other situations and provide a space for parents to interact with their child and strengthen their own bond.

Social development enables children to navigate social situations, learn to listen to each other, work together, collaborate and develop independence to view how a group works and how they fit into that group.

Creative development through imagination enhances critical thinking skills, helps increase attention span, improves motor skills and encourages leadership attributes in helping other children understand tasks and gel within a group.

Physical activity helps reduce obesity, reduces anxiety, strengthens the immune system and promotes a regular sleep pattern.

Your help can build a new park in 2021!

After a number of consultations with park equipment suppliers, the final quote for the new equipment will be £17,549-70!

To get the ball rolling donations from Cllr, Lawrie of Northumberland County Council, local business and private supporters has totalled £7,300

That leaves an outstanding amount of £10,249.70 still to be raised.

The Parish Council are pursuing various grants to help raise more funding but YOU can help now! If you are part of a group, business or an individual and would love to help support this amazing project, providing children with a place to play and equipment to learn and develop in early years please get in touch.

YOU can help in various ways:

Organise a fund raising event,

Sponsor a piece of play equipment,

Make a donation.

Reaching the funding goals will mean the park project will be able to be completed in the Summer 2021, any donations large or small will be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to help in any way you can please email:

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