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Photography competition

Paulin Kerr writes:
Last year I found it just good fun to enter the Allied Westminster competition when Lockdown stopped most things. I noticed in the gallery that Horncliffe entered too so even a little bit of local rivalry.
Always be nosey and from time to time have a look in the gallery on the site for new entries - it helps if you know what others have submitted. That is what brings pleasure - seeing how others have interpreted the rules and just seeing your very own image amongst them, as all those accepted are on the net.
Over 600 entered last year so it was good to see Norham village had contributed along with other villages the length and breadth of the country, we have excellent community spirit. Let's prove it again by entering this year. There's no limit to the number of entries you can submit, whether they are past or present, but this year the theme is 'Village Life and Community Spirit'.
It's never easy to get selected in a national photographic competition as anyone who has entered the Countryfile Calendar annual event will know! Yes, been there, got the tee shirt and the disappointed face. There is always the chance, however slight yours might be, to be selected by the judges and your moment of glory shared with others for all to see - and in this case if lucky, the Village Hall will benefit too.
The results last year were all very different, so remember during this year, if the opportunity arises to give it a go, trap that magic moment on your phone and send it in.
Just point, click and snap your images, smart phone pictures are welcomed and remember to spread the word. There's a podcast on Allied Westminsters site explaining just how they would like you to take part.
Closing date isn't until November so there's plenty of time for you to capture your winning photo.
The Youtube link shows the judges from last year's competition and the winning pictures to give you inspiration. Good luck - but most of all enjoy the moment and taking part.

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