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Sea Defences Of WWii

To slow down any potential invasion from the Nazi war machine during WWii, mainly along the eastern coast of the UK, sea defences were installed. There is a such a section locally from Cheswick to Goswick and a substantial amount still remains.

A Pillbox near Cocklawburn Beach. Sadly blighted with graffiti inside. If the culprits were aware of the sacrifices their forefathers had made I am sure they would treat with greater respect.

The outside wall has been tastefully restored.


Continuing south on the Coastal path a stark reminder of current dangers.

4ft x 4ft concrete cubes with wire inserts where placed at short intervals to try and slow/stop any advance of enemy tanks.

One such cube had 1940 etched on it which I assume is the correct date of installation.

Due to the large quantities they can clearly be seen in the aerial satellite photo above.


It must have been very cold and nerve racking experience never quite knowing if we were to be invaded. This particular tower was also part of a training ground.

The writing on this metal (grave?)

was badly worn.

Over time vegetation has started to cover some of the blocks and others have almost sunken completely in the sand.


In the middle left of the above photo you can see the end of this part of the defences.


There are numerous resources on google giving a more detailed insight in to their history.


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