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Service for Piper Laidlaw VC

Piper Daniel Laidlaw VC (‘The Piper of Loos’) was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1915. He lived locally, and is buried in Norham churchyard.

Norham Church and the King's Own Scottish Borderers Association have worked together for the past few years to hold an annual service of commemoration on 25th September, the anniversary of the event for which Piper Laidlaw won the VC.

The service will take place at 10.00am on Friday 25th September, beginning at the war memorial, and then moving to the graveside of Piper Laidlaw. A tribute will be read, pipes will be played, and a wreath will be laid.

The 'rule of six' does not apply to services of worship, but coronavirus guidance state that 'social distancing guidelines should be followed. That means people should not interact in groups larger than two households or six people.'

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