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Ship Ahoy!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021


* I have been advised by the Berwick U3A that sadly due to Covid The Golden Horizon will NOT be visiting Berwick on Monday. See Marine traffic as described in this blog to track her position.*


About 18 months ago work was completed on a new pontoon installation at Berwick-Upon-Tweed harbour which will enable cruise ships to visit the town. Larger ships will anchor close to the pier and passengers would be transferred via a tender.

As the 'roadmap' for exiting restrictions will hopefully be announced next week one such vessel is due to visit Berwick on Monday 5th July this year. The Golden Horizon is an impressive vessel of 162 metres (531 feet in length) see below wiki link for more information.

All commercial ships over a certain weight must display their location via the AIS (Automated Identification System). A (free) app such as Marine Traffic enables vessels to be tracked. Some extra services require payment. The IMO (International Maritime Organization) number is 9793545 for the Golden Horizon which goes under the name Brodosplit 483. This app can also be used to identify other ships off our coast.

Search online for updates from the Port on either their website or social media or by Marine Traffic.


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