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To BT Or Not To BT?


This is a question I only asked myself this morning after receiving a phone call with an automated voice stating something along the lines,

"Your BT landline and internet will be cut off within 1 hour unless payment is made. Press 1 to resolve"

After my initial shock and about to press the button I put the phone down realizing it was a scam. I rang 1471 and wrote down the number

0042*********0 which was from the Czech Republic. I have since reported this scam to my phone provider.


The purpose of this blog is to highlight this scam and ask people to share it with their family and friends that the scammers will try numerous tricks to get your money. Never give out personal details or make payments for something that doesn't seem right.

I have also heard that a village resident (who will remain anonymous) was scammed a few days ago and would have been upsetting for him/her.

Numerous cons on or off line include HMRC would like to refund you, there is a problem with your TV Licence payment, you are entitled to a car tax refund or a wealthy African Prince with a $100 million dollars requires a UK Bank account to get his money out of the country and will pay you. Some are more convincing than others and all these criminals want is your money.

Below is a link from BT which offers advice on how to stay safe. They are a professional company and take this sort of thing seriously.

Also ensure you computer Antivirus is up-to-date.


I have also spoken to the Editor of the Village Newsround and requested similar advice to be published in the next available issue for those who prefer not to use or do not have access to the internet.


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1 Comment

Alexander Dalgety
Alexander Dalgety
Nov 21, 2020

When will the village Newsround be available on Norhamlife?

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