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Village Footpath Closure.

(& Volunteers request)


Due to the damage caused by Storm Arwen there is an extended path closure in the village travelling east from the base of Norham Castle along the river heading towards Under Greenhill Shiel.

The Norham Development Trust have informed me the path will remain closed until the 13th July 2022 as the path is extremely dangerous due to felled trees of which some are unstable. Please avoid the path until it is reopened in the summer once all the remedial works have been completed.

Below are some photos taken earlier in the year which resulted in the initial closure.

English Heritage are aware of the felled Beech Trees on their site.


There are also blockages along the path which runs along Newbiggin Dean. At some point in the future an appeal will be made for volunteers who can help clear this debris.


Jim Blythe has made an appeal for volunteers who can help at another location in the village.

"We are going to start clearing the Jubilee field this Saturday (22nd January) at 9am if you can get along to help."

See the below link if you require further contact information.



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