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WANT TO TRY TO SAVE A FORTUNE ON FUEL?? (and save the planet at the same time)

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Even if you're not interested in the second part of that headline you might be interested (let's be honest, we all are!) in saving some money! So let me explain.....

You will probably have heard on the news that fossil fuels e.g. oil and coal are on their way out and will be banned as heating fuels in the not too distant future - which is a bit of a problem for villages like Norham where we are not on the gas grid either. You may also have read that the question of how energy efficient your home heating is is likely to become a very important issue when you are selling or even renting a house.

So....The Rural Community Energy Fund is in the process of giving out grants for feasibility studies into renewable energy solutions so that communities such as Norham can employ a consultant to work out what (if any) other kinds of renewable energy might work in the village - for residents, public buildings and businesses - with a view to eventually setting up (with a lot more grant funding!) a village wide energy scheme. The consultant would look at all the different kinds of renewable energy eg hydro -power, solar panels, heat source pumps, wind turbines etc etc and work out which might be suitable for a village such as ours. There will be some that might be technically suitable but we would not get planning permission; there may be some that we might want but just would not work here. So an open mind is needed at this stage....

So....Norham Development Trust is going to apply to try to get one of these grants as a first step in the process. Part of the application process asks that NDT shows that there is support in the village . The Village Hall Committee, the school and the church are obviously all interested in looking into it, and we very much hope that residents will be too. There is really nothing to lose and everything to gain at this stage - no obligations, no signing up for anything, just an expression of interest in finding out what might work.

So .....if you are happy to support the application for a grant please could you send an email to saying so!

And if you have any questions send them to the same email

address and we will try to answer as best we can .

If you would like to speak to a real human being please contact either William Jackson 07970201999 or George Straughen 01289382386

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