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The Norham and Ladykirk Local History Society is dedicated to exploring, recording and increasing awareness of the fascinating story of Norham and Ladykirk over the years. It also seeks to inform its members about the history of the wider “Eastern March” encompassing North Northumberland and the Borders Region.


We welcome anyone who wants to come along and hear from our wide variety of speakers mostly talking about the history or archaeology of the Scottish Borders or Northumberland, followed by a cuppa and biscuits. We hold exhibitions, researched, and put together by our members and we work alongside the Church and Castle Groups in the Development Group.

Northumberland has more castles than any other county in England and the border with Scotland was the scene of conflict for half a millennium. The area is also closely linked with the development of English Christianity. The best way to find out more about Norhamshire’s fascinating past is by joining the Norham and Ladykirk Local History Society.  


Norham Church ‘The Most Dangerous Place in England’  Thomas Grey,  Scalacronica  (14th century) has been described as ‘The Cathedral of the North’.


With monthly talks by respected local historians covering subjects as diverse as Airships, Hogback Tombstones, and Suffragists as well as the grislier aspects of the locality’s violent past, there is something for everyone. Visits to places of historical interest also form part of the programme whilst an annual exhibition enables the public to share the results of research projects carried out by members.

The Society meets on the second Monday of every month at 1930 hrs in the village hall. Tea and biscuits follow each talk.

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