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Welcome to the Park Association.  Our aim is to provide safe and creatively engaging open spaces for the village children and visitors to enjoy through interaction and interpretation.


The park association was created by the residents of Norham after it was highlighted that the current park/play area was dated and very basic in terms of the current needs of the children both who live and visit the village. 

Our aim is to research, consult and produce through consultations a fresh new designed park/play area incorporating the basic fundamentals for a child to learn, play and develop social skills.   

Play is such an important part of every child's development creating educational and social ties in their growth. 


Our concept is to provide an environment that is both aesthetically considerate to the village setting and allows children of all ages and abilities to enjoy playing together.  

Children develop; social skills, imagination, creativity, thinking and problem-solving skills, sense of self, sense of connection and self-care skills in the playground environment.  

The project requires a mixture of fundraising, grants and donations to make it possible and we are ongoing in this section of the planning.

Norham Park Interpritation.png

"Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul.”  Friedrich Froebel

Norham Park Location Map.JPG

The play/park area has a current proposed central village location offering access by car, bus and easy walking distances for all villagers and visitors.

Surrounding facilities are all within 50m walking distance and include, public toilets, convenience shop, bakery and butchers.

As a collective, the area will provide a hub for play activities with resources to occupy and encourage visitors to make use of local businesses and facilities extending the stay time of their visit to enjoy the village as a whole.

If you would like more information on the progress and development of the park/play area you can keep up to date either signing up to the village newsletter or using the Village Share section of the website.   

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