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20:21 Almost 2021!


As you will be aware Northumberland like many other regions in England entered into Tier 4 at 00.01 this morning which was 20 Hours and 20 minutes ago and ‘4’ obvious reasons many people will be glad to see the end of 2020.

I decided to launch this blog at 20:21hrs because not everyone would appreciate an alert at midnight! That is unless you subscribe and are reading this from the ironically named country of Réunion in the Indian Ocean where it is now 00:21 on New Year’s Day as they are GMT+ 4hours.

In just a few hours time it will be the dawn of the New Year 2021 in the UK and although things will not improve instantly overnight, the briefing from the Government last night suggested there is ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and a cautious improvement around Easter time assuming the new vaccine is a success and therefore we can enter the New Year with ‘Hope’.


I took this image at Cocklawburn Beach the other day just before it was washed away by the high tide which did make me smile :-)

As the song by D:Ream goes ‘Things can only get better!’


Apart from people wanting a return to a normal life as possible in 2021, it will also be a special year for the village as it marks the 900th anniversary of the castle.

Check below link for forthcoming updates.


So from myself and on behalf of the NDT (Norham Development Trust) who oversee this site and all the web contributors,

(Hopefully) A HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!


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