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Change of Plan

Norham WI previously reported that we would be meeting again on

Thursday 8 July 2021 in the village hall. As we know the Government's road out of lockdown has faltered and been deferred to 19 July 2021. This means we have had to change our plans: Oh, No! We are all very much looking forward to meeting again and have decided that we can't wait any longer so we will be holding a one off open air meeting in the courtyard of The Mason's Arms, Norham on

Thursday 1 July from 2 p.m. Thank you Linda Dowdall for accommodating us.

There will be a raffle, please don't bring prizes as we have enough and we are planning a quiz.

Please also note that there will, unusually be an August meeting on Thursday 5 August in Norham Village Hall at 2 p.m. Our speaker will be Janet Heywood on the subject of Josephine Butler, feminist, social reformer and champion of women's rights.

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