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Exterminate! Exterminate!


Fast forward to the future in the year 2150 and The Daleks have invaded earth. Rewind to 2021 and in a south western part of the county it seems that they have already arrived.

As I am not currently in possession of a TARDIS I decided to make a round trip with family visiting over the bank holiday weekend via car to The Museum Of Classic Sci-Fi in Allendale, Northumberland. As the drive was over two hours each way some passengers may ask the driver ‘are we there yet?’ And as an avid Dr. Who fan in my opinion was well worth the visit.

We were greeted by the Neil Cole who is the friendly and knowledgeable owner. Photos are encouraged and allowed to be taken and shared. Below is selection of some photos I took on the day.


Due to Covid bookings have to be made in advance and cash on the door is the required payment. On the web site there is a direct email address or Facebook link to get in touch.

The museum also features on Netflix in episode 3 of Amazing Interiors.

The museum has other exhibits from various classic sci-fi tv programmes and movies.


Not sure who this alien or local was and didn’t seem to be part of the museum and just happened to be walking down the street!


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