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How does your garden grow?


What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to visit someone else's garden? Whether to support a charity, seek out ideas, plain nosiness or maybe a cream tea millions do it every year! Really keen gardeners will seek out the 'different' or exciting gardens in order to gain knowledge. Some will visit a stunning garden, think of their own plot and dream about what could be.

This year you could open your garden for others to enjoy! The garden DOES NOT have to be perfect in every way. No-one is going to count the daisies in the lawn or seek out the odd weed. BUT maybe you could add a little extra? We are looking for a display that honours the Queen's special year. It could include special planting, art, sculpture, costume, needlework, anything you can think of or a combination of everything.

In addition, we would like to see as many 'thrones' throughout the village as possible. These would most likely be old chairs embellished in some way but with a percentage of real plants providing decoration.

The date is Sunday 26th June 2022. (Times tbc)

Contact Norham in Bloom group to take part. Massive to miniscule, front or back - all accepted.



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