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“Let the Flowers Speak” – the Sunflower and Geranium

You are all aware that the bloody cranesbill - properly known as geranium

sanguineum - is the county flower of Northumberland? It has been so since 2010 and given all the blood spilt in the county over the last few centuries the choice may seem apt! The name has nothing to do with actual blood though the leaves may have been used to treat wounds! The shape and colour of the stalks and seed pods are responsible for it's common name. It grows happily in verges where its recognisable by its magenta flowers. Cultivated versions in our gardens come in shades of pink, purple and blue.

Sunflowers couldn't be more different, originating in North America and grown these days for its edible seeds. oil and for fun! Who can resist those tall, ungainly plants, their cheery faces following the sun?

What do the two flowers have in common? Nothing really except..........

This year as part of “Let the Flowers Speak” we're hoping for a village full of fun and flowers. Some of us are busy growing sunflowers to display in our gardens and around the streets or maybe you're already planning a lovely display of flowers in pots and baskets outside your homes and businesses? We'd love to see pretty bunting and if you're not green-fingered perhaps you could paint floral pictures or make artificial flowers? Sunflowers are really easy and floral wreaths on doors look very pretty. As we're also celebrating Norham 900 a 3-D model of the castle in flowers anyone?

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