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Love in a cold Castle!

How about a love story from Norham Castle for St Valentine's Day?

That's where John Knox (yes THAT John Knox!) found a wife — how romantic?

Elizabeth, wife of Richard Bowes, the then Captain of Norham Castle, went to hear John Knox preach in Berwick Upon Tweed , and it would seem she was very impressed by the old iconoclast - they developed a close relationship — on her part it was the relationship of parishioner and priest — but his letters to her might be construed differently. ..

She decided he should marry so she introduced him to her daughter Marjorie, who at 17 was roughly half his age …..the girl’s father did not approve but eventually the wedding took place and the couple ended up travelling across Europe to visit John Calvin in Geneva - and the mother-in-law apparently went too……

So John Knox - misogynist or ladies man…?

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