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Norham Renewables Project Public Meeting - Village Hall Wed 23rd February 7pm

Norham Development Trust obtained grant funding some months ago to prepare a feasibility study to look at how our community can reduce its carbon footprint and at the renewable energy options available to us in our area. This report is now complete and we wish to share it with you at the public meeting next week. GreenCat Renewables were awarded the contract and have produced a long report on the subject much of which is very technical. If you would like to see a copy of the complete report please contact

Alternatively (and more easily!) there is a Non-Technical Summary which in essence summarises their conclusions. if you would like to read it before the meeting it is here

It is Really Important for the future of the village that you come to the meeting to hear what has been going on, ask questions, and express an opinion!

Please come along to this meeting and be part of Norham's energy future.

And refreshments will be served.


George Straughen - Norham Development Trust;

Chloe Munro - Northumberland County Council;

Rob Collin - GreenCat Renewables

And You!

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