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Norham's Answer To Stonehenge!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

I have just received this amazing photo which was kindly submitted by a local photographer. To achieve this effect a photo was taken every 30 seconds on a cold but clear night in November 2018 over a 4 hour period. As mentioned in my Dark Skies Discovery Blog we are fortunate to live in such an area.

The above image is a low resolution one, however High resolution images are available for sale without the (c) banner in the bottom right. To request more information see the link below.


This blog is the next in the discovery series.

The Duddo Stone Circle is less than five miles away from Norham village. (grid reference NT930437)

The stones were originally referred to as the Four Stones until the early 1900’s, when the fifth stone was re-erected. Originally there were seven stones, the empty sockets of two stones being found on the western side during excavation in the late 1800’s.

The site of the Duddo Stones offers excellent views of the Cheviots to the South.

The circle is accessible via the B5364 road outside of Duddo village, through a gate and up a path over fields which is on private land with no formal right of way, however the landowner has granted it as a permissive path. There is limited parking and a sign explaining the access.



A walk guide will be following soon giving various different options on how to get there along with information on how to view Duddo Tower in the vicinity of the stone circle.


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