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Northumberland Day 24th May 2020

Following our award winning success last year with our Northumberland Day events - the Best Community Involvement award - we had hoped to put on an even bigger and better event this year. However, as Burns so aptly put it: -

“The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft a-gley”!

So we are now encouraging everyone to do something creative and individual to celebrate a lockdown Northumberland Day instead.

It would be great to see lots of Northumberland-themed ‘creations’ on display across the village that day - in windows, gardens, outside front doors, on the website or anywhere ‘safe’. Incorporating the red and yellow colours into whatever you do, would make everything on display really colourful and attractive, and would brighten up the village, lift our spirits and connect us together as a community in these peculiar times.

Depictions of the flag, the mascots of Northumbear and NElephant, or anything Northumberland-themed, would look fantastic whether created through knitting, baking, planting window boxes, drawing, painting, collage work, button work, patchwork, mosaics, writing a story or poem, making a video at home, decorating a T-shirt, creating a pizza in red and yellow, adorning bicycles, etc, etc. Nothing is too wacky!

The Northumbie award organisers have suggested various ideas for what they are calling the UK’s First ‘Virtual’ County Day and these can be found on the following website:

They are also planning a virtual quiz – The Great Northumberland Day Public Quiz – more details should appear online nearer the day.

So have a think, get creative and let’s see what we can all do to brighten the day and enjoy a great 'lock down' community event.

Feel free to get in touch

Janet Young

01289 382736 :

on behalf of Norham Development Trust

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