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Photography As Art


Norham Life has been contacted about an interesting course which is being proposed for early next year in either the village hall or via zoom depending on Government rules. The organiser has confirmed attendance is free, but if it takes place in the village hall please can contributions be made to recover any direct costs such as the venue hire. Below is the message received along with examples of photos which are close ups taken at Cocklawburn Beach last September and how to get in touch.


Photography as Art

Would any photographers in Norham like to join me early in 2022 to explore making the transition from technical, literal subject capture to creative, artistic self-expression?

The basis would be that technical expertise and equipment are only a means; expressing your unique self through photography is the end.

I believe that this may be of particular interest to photographers who are dissatisfied with taking photographs which turn out no better than those of many others who have done the same thing, from the same place and in the same way. Find your own unique style.

A group of about 10 would work, either physically together or, if necessary, via Zoom. Although I would plan and run the sessions, it would be a collaborative process which will draw on the knowledge, skills and vision of all.

Please contact me if you are interested,

Peter Thoday.





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1 comentario

21 dic 2021

What exciting photographs!

This looks to be a very interesting opportunity for learning and sharing new skills.

Me gusta
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