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Run To The Hills Run...


On hearing the classic Iron Maiden track on the radio the other day it reminded me of a recent trip over the border in Scotland where I 'bagged' three Munro's in one week. Most people will have heard about them which are mountains with a height over 3000ft and are named after Sir Hugh Munro. There are 282 Munros and after my trip I have completed about 8, so a fair few to go.

Looking at a road atlas I realised that it is possible to visit some of the Munro's, climb them and return to Norham in a day, albeit a long one!

For example Ben Vorlich has a suggested journey time of 2hrs 40 mins. In reality due to traffic around Edinburgh it's probably more like 3.5 hrs.

The climb itself is suggested at between 4-5 hours which is what it took me back in October. And a journey of about 120 miles each way.

Below is the summit of Ben Vorlich (3231 ft)


The summit of Ben Chonzie (3054ft) which I am informed is pronounced Honzie.


The second Tarmachan Ridge, the highest being Meall nan Tarmachan. (3421ft)

(all heights are approximates converted from metres)


There are many useful resources such as which includes planning and safety tips.


With the uncertainties of the current Covid variant we aren't out the woods yet. Although I wrote a similar comment last year, Hopefully in 2022 the world will finally be a safer place to explore.

More from the discovery series coming next year. For now though, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone.

Stay Safe.



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