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Save The Fishers Arms!!

Horncliffe village is on a mission to buy the Fishers Arms pub with the aim of returning this valued asset to the heart of the community where it has been since 1760. Although it is still a viable business, the Fishers Arms pub closed its doors in October 2021 and now has Asset of Community Value (ACV) status. The village launched their campaign at a well-attended meeting on January 16th, 2022, and aim to raise £296.000 by March 29th, by selling shares costing £500 each.

The campaign group have created a website where pledges to buy shares can be made ( They hope local people will join with them to save a pub which for over 250 has been part of the local community.

There is also a Facebook page (Fishers Arms Horncliffe Community Pub Buyout | Facebook), Twitter account (@BuyFishersArms) and Instagram account ( so people can also support them by visiting these pages and making a noise on social media.

Horncliffe has already recruited one celebrity, Robson Green, to add his voice in encouragement to the Fishers Arms campaign, and they hope that support will come from far and wide. (Robson Green supports Fishers Arms)

So why not have a look and see what you think - and maybe make a pledge!

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