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Summer Dreams!

Today I'm not dreaming about the sun shining brightly in a beautiful blue sky, because even though it's only 2 degrees, from where I'm sitting (indoors), it could easily be midsummer and perhaps 22 degrees.

I am, however, surrounded by plant and seed catalogues that have dropped through my door this week, and have, in my head, spent a fortune on those "must

have" plants. In my mind's eye I'm picturing beds and pots filled with colour, not just the one yellow crocus that has crept early out of it's bed by the Jubilee Field.

The daffodils round the green that bravely put in an appearance before Christmas, sensibly decided to sleep a while longer, but in a few weeks they will put on a sunny, yellow show. The fat blossom buds on the new orchard trees will open, the nectar to be enjoyed by early insects and the fragrance and colour by us.

It may be cold and often cheerless right now, but just think, all those bare twigs and bare earth will soon be green and colourful again - just about the time many will have been protected from the virus.

Happy gardening 2021!

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