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The Big One!


The Cheviot Hills can be seen from the village on a clear day and are only 17 miles away as the 'crow flies'. The Cheviot summit itself is the highest point in Northumberland at 815 metres (2673 ft) and is close to the Scottish Border.

I have walked to the summit 4 times and it should not be underestimated as it is challenging. There are numerous resources online for routes to take. I usually start near Langleeford which is about 25 miles from Norham and because of the narrow roads is about an hours drive. I aim to start walking early on days where there is plenty of daylight and clear weather. Checking the forecast is strongly advised. Once a low cloud weather front unexpectedly came in and without a gps it would have been easy to get disoriented as the paths are not always obvious. In fact there was a recent rescue whereby people had to be rescued.

This useful link gives an indication of clothing/equipment required.

I usually take the clockwise loop to include Hedgehope Hill (714 m)

(The path that follows Harthope Burn was badly eroded the one time i took this route and does not connect to Scotsman's Knowe).

Once at Scotman's Cairn there is an option to walk to the Scottish Border on the Pennine Way. The Cheviot summit is optional for walkers undertaking the Pennine Way before reaching the end at Kirk Yetholm.

Sadly numerous aircraft crashed on the hills during WWii

The trig point on the summit of The Cheviot.

On the return leg with Langleeford in the distance.

A nice wide grass path. In some places the path seemed non existent!

An additional caution in this area is Adders. I have never seen them but they do exist!

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