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Wacky Races?

Updated: Dec 13, 2021


Not quite the 1ate 1960's animated cartoon series but actual classic cars will be visiting Norham next week.

You may have seen the posters displayed in the village near Birch Hill on the B 6470 advertising a 'Fascinating selection of historic vehicles' that will be passing through here on Monday 6th December at approximately 11.30am.


See the below link for a full line up of some of the vehicles you can expect to see

Entrance number 6 is almost reminiscent of John Steed's Bentley from the Avengers which is one of the 40 cars listed including Porsche, Volvo, MG, Mini's plus other classics.


Below are some photos of the cars that came through the village. As this was a challenge they were fairly well spread out time wise.



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1 Comment

John. Good post, and certainly an interesting and competitive field . The cars will be arriving from the East and coming through Shoreswood farmyard on a "regularity" before they head West towards Norham as part of the competitive route from about 11.30 am on Monday the 6th. I note the oldest car is a 1949 Bentley special with many of the classic rally cars from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

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