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Rod Licence required at Thrunton Venue

These next few paragraphs are cautionary advice for when purchasing a fishing licence online and not intended to tell anyone how to ‘suck eggs’. Last year as you may recall there was road licence inspection at Thrunton and a friend of mine in the club who will remain anonymous was scammed after reminding me the day before I needed to purchase one.

It was an unpleasant experience for him and he was eventually given the benefit of doubt, cautioned and not prosecuted. Please be aware of rogue sites selling licences if buying online. For those of us fishing in the Scottish waters it’s easy to forget we need one on English ones!

Third party sites (being polite!) add a ‘service charge’ and in the next example photo, charge double and then purchase one on your behalf (not always in time, if at all). As was the case with .....

What’s ironic is that offers advice against 3rd party sites, but on google search (August 2020) one appeared before them which makes their site seem more authentic!

I would not like any of my fellow fishermen and friends to be ‘caught’ out in this way.


Welcome to the Norham & Ladykirk Fishing Society group! You ...
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