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Jubilant Jubilee

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Norham got its Jubilee celebrations off to a great start with the lighting of the beacon. People came from near and far including a couple from Middleton -on - Teesdale just to share in the excitement and wonder!

The picnic followed on Friday and the green was almost full! There was a variety of wonderfully appropriate food being shared around and the cupcakes from the WI were much enjoyed and appreciated. All the corgis were duly rounded up under the watchful eye of several imaginative scarecrows. The musical entertainment from Norham Band, Norham Junior Singers, St Cuthbert's church choir and a suitably chosen playlist fitted the occasion perfectly.

On Saturday the Silent Disco changed everyone's views on noisy evenings in the hall and folk danced and chatted happily in good company, without being deafened, amidst a fun, party atmosphere.

St Cuthbert's offered up an inspiring service for Pentecost on Sunday morning and was an apposite moment to give thanks for the 70 years of service given to us all by the Queen.

Norham's own history provided the last hurrah on Sunday giving us a time to reflect on how much has happened here over the passing years - good and not so good - and how fortunate we all are to continue to live in such a friendly community and in such pleasant, if not perfect surroundings!

Many thanks to everyone whose splendid efforts gave us all such a jubilant weekend whether building beacons, organising and playing music, creating picnic spaces, offering activities or competitions, putting up bunting, decorating post boxes, providing inspiration and opportunity to bring us together. An added thank you to all of us from Berwick Community Trust for our donation to the Food Bank.

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