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Norham Collage Workshops

“Develop Your Creative Potential"

- 5 Week Sketchbook Course

The recent course held in Norham Village Hall, was organised by Norham Arts Group to appeal to the Norham and wider community interested in developing their art, guided and supported by Maryrose Blythe, from Norham Bike Yard.

Eight creatives were taken on a personal artistic journey, exploring different techniques, tools and media, including collage, mark making and block printing, to help them produce their own original concertina sketchbook. Maryrose Blythe, an experienced teacher and facilitator, had devised the project to encourage the students, by demonstrations and through creative prompts during each session which were spaced out over two months to allow creative homework time!

The students worked from their own chosen theme, such as architecture, travels or favourite artists and received one-to-one tuition, group discussions, ‘show-and-tell’ sessions, as well as lots of practical demonstrations and a great deal of encouragement from one another.

There was certainly a high volume of energy and interaction at each session, numerous cups of coffee, cake and biscuits consumed and a wonderful display of wall art and sketchbooks produced. The feedback was very optimistic indeed, with some students proclaiming they had already started further sketchbooks and had plans to keep busy developing their art over the coming months.

Norham Arts Group has plans to organise future creative workshops as well as being busy with the Annual Summer Art Exhibition, theme “Water & Light” being held 24-27 June 2022.

Feedback from the Sketchbook Course:-

“This course has changed my approach towards art completely. I was scared at the beginning and my attitude to art has rocketed because of the course”.

“I have loved the experience and feel a better person. The group has helped to make it special”.

“I take photographs so I have an eye, but now I can develop my creativity on paper and I like the happy ‘accidents’; the random results are enjoyable”.

I’ve had a lovely time! Such a nice of community of people to meet up with during the course".

“I have been wanting to do collage for two years and when I saw Maryrose’s sketchbook last year, I was inspired to join the course. The sharing of ideas was brilliant! I’m so glad I came, I wouldn’t have started this work otherwise”.

“I have already bought more sketchbooks to get cracking on with at home and I have a plan to develop ‘a year in the garden’ through the processes taught. The format helps you progress on your artistic journey".

“Since my accident I haven’t been able to pursue my creativity but, through the course, I have found my motivation again and now joined an art group. The ‘no judgment’ attitude of the group has been brilliant.

“Thank you for all the new techniques, I’ve learnt a lot. There was a great atmosphere and we have all learned so much from each other”.

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Apr 05, 2022

An excellent blog and images. I look forward to the exhibition in June.

Apr 05, 2022
Replying to

Thanks John. It is exciting to see how local artists interpret the theme, ‘Water and Light.‘ We already have some beautiful artworks coming in. It‘s going to be a good weekend!

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